We got it!

We will be at Pilchuck from May 9th till 20th.


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ok we are almost there


most of the proposal is written, waiting on a few more paragraphs, CV, Artist Statements and Images.

We are artists investigators…….

Laurel is away, somewhere with the Tasmanian Devils, and I am wondering why we don’t have a web cam on her…….Laurel do you own an iphone…..

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How to Apply

Residencies Application Form


  • All applicants should submit one (1) completed 2010/2011 Residency Application form along with a US$45 application fee for each residency to which they are applying.
  • Enclose a one- to two-page proposal on paper, outlining creative intent, equipment needs, skill level and experience with intended materials and processes, the type and amount of previous experience at Pilchuck, if any, and the scope of the project (i.e., preparations and plans for the project before and after the residency period).
  • Also required from each participant is a CD on which is saved a résumé and short bio, ten (10) numbered images of recent work saved as .jpg files formatted for PC and no larger than 1 MB each, and a corresponding image description list saved as a Word or WordPad file for PC.
  • Each applicant must also submit two (2) letters of recommendation.
  • Group residency applications such as the Hauberg or PAiR programs: One person should coordinate the application by submitting one (1) group proposal saved as a Word or WordPad file for PC and titled with their last name. Each applicant should write the last name of the coordinator on their application form in the appropriate place.

For more information on the application process or the nature and potential of the residency, please contact Ruth King, Artistic Director, at rking@pilchuck.com or 360-445-3111 ext. 31.

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artist statement

…if you are having trouble getting the words down to describe yourself and the project you are interested in accomplishing…here is a great link to a list of questions posted by Artist’s Trust.

Professional Development: Artist Statement Essentials

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To do:

Due immediately::
1.) General paragraph-Describe briefly how you see us working together…Why Pilchuck? …why us?…why glass?….how will we work together? what brings us together?
2.) Paragraph describing what you want to do while at Pilchuck?
3.) Short Paragraph describing how imagine we might work collaboratively.

Send these to tina

Do we want to upload our own writings? Might be a good idea?

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Hello team!

Amie, Laurel, Alex, Tina met upon Thursday 12/9 night. We each read our statements, discussed our ideas and how to structure our proposal. This is the flow- open the proposal with a general paragraph, then describe what each of us are doing, and wind it up with speculations on our collaborative  exercises and outcomes. We also set up this blog. (if anyone would like to add to this post- please do.)

We titled the blog- machineofnature

Laurel has left today to observe the Tanzmanian Devil. Bon Voyage!

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